I Know You. You're That Great Writer Who Is Battling Writer's Block.

So, what do you do about it? You may be in the midst of writing your great American novel. If so, you are probably feeling as though you are standing on the threshold of something great, but something is keeping you from realizing your dream.

Maybe it's writer's block. Try one of our creative writing story starters as the beginning of some new work you have been aching to begin.

Maybe it's those darn publishers who won't take a second glance at your book manuscript. Send your stories to creative writing contests and find the niche that works best for you before you choose which publisher will have the honor of accepting your work.

Maybe it's anxiety that you can never live up to the likes of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, or Steinbeck. If so, captivate your mind with creative quotes that will inspire potential starting points for your pieces.

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Or you may just be looking to find your own voice. Breaking writer's block is your first step in this direction. You have to learn what your voice says about you and how people "hear" you through the words you write. Whether you have started anything yet or not, you know what inspires you, what plagues you, what you love and what you hate, but you don't yet know how to organize all those thoughts. You don't know what they mean and how powerful they are for your ideas to prosper.

It's also likely that you are in-between. You may have penned a piece or two in attempts to find your own style. Whether you've had anything published or not is unimportant for our purposes here. If you have had something published, all the better for you. But whether you have or haven't, chances are, if you're reading this, your motivation to write has yet to wane...and that's a good thing! You're eager and willing to take on more. And so, I welcome you.

Whichever one of these people you most identify with, your journey to defeating writer's block, and understanding yourself and your audience, is about to begin. So sit back, take out a pencil and paper, and begin capturing just what it is you've been trying to find.

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Outline for a Book Review - Writing About What You Read
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Book Writing Techniques - How to Write a Story
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Personification Examples: Breathing Life Into Your Writing
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How to Write Speeches - Preparing Poignant, Worthwhile Writings
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Choosing Music to Write By
Picking music to write by can be hard, but you must find the style and genre that fits the piece you are working on at any given time.
Schedule Time To Write - Make the Effort
In order to conquer writer's "time" block, you may find that making an effort to schedule time to write will help your creative writing process immensely.
Child Creative Writing - How to Write What They Like
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Have you ever read a great novel that has been written in a way that makes you want to laugh or cry? Emotional writing is one way to allow readers to make personal connections with your writing.
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Think about your past. How has it shaped you into whom you are today? Learn how to write a memoir and relive memories long forgotten.
Creative Writing Contests for All Ages
There are tons of creative writing contests to be won...so take your best shot, enter your best work, and discover what a gifted writer you truly are. Just remember to have patience!
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Entertain These Descriptive Writing Prompts and Topics
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Literary Illusions - How They Benefit Your Writing Style
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