Abstract nouns shout creativity.

Not only is that sentence personified, but it lends credence to the idea that abstract nouns are great creative writing story starters.

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Personification is one great idea to use in creative writing, as that sentence would not read quite the same if the nouns were merely providing, or delivering, creativity. The fact that they are shouting it implores readers to imagine a noun -- a grammatical form -- opening its mouth and forming sounds. Personification is a great tool to use in creative writing story starters, as it can be the basis for so many crazy ways of thinking. How can a noun possibly shout? For that matter, can a verb really act? I mean, can it get up on stage and actually perform? Remember to always see the different meanings of words. Even though verbs are action words, they cannot actually act (on stage, that is), so be creative and see all the different possibilities words and phrases have to offer.

Abstract nouns, beyond being able to be personified, can impress deeper meanings and make writers and readers joyous with their ability to passionately declare creative ideas. What is an abstract noun after all? It is a word that denotes an idea, emotion, feeling, or quality that is intangible. You cannot necessarily put your finger on it, but you know you at least think you understand what it means. For example, the word "love" can mean so many different things to so many different people. People have a hard time defining the word because it is the feeling that is welling up within them and making them feel so wonderful and warm. Other words, such as hate, courage, justice, intelligence, or sacrifice are feelings that can be further described when you contemplate deeper meanings.

Abstract nouns lend themselves quite well to definition essay writing, as all of these words are capable of being defined in numerous ways by various kinds of people who have their own perceptions of their meanings.

As a creative writing story starter, take abstract nouns and see where your writing takes you. Here are some ideas for how to get started:

Abstract Nouns Hate: Write about why hate is the opposite of love, or even why you feel it is not the opposite of love. Write a story about the awfulness of hate and why the feeling should be abolished.

Courage: Write about another character besides the cowardly lion who overcame something and showed courage while doing so.

Justice: How is justice best served? Why is justice important in life? Write a story about justice being served, or the lack of justice in a given situation.

Intelligence: Is common sense a higher form of intelligence than book smarts? Is there intelligence on other planets?

Sacrifice: When you hear the word sacrifice, do you merely think of a holiday like Lent and what you have to give up during it? Or do you think of greater, longer, harder sacrifices that you, or others, have had to give up in preparation for or during something undeserved and awful?

Think of how any or all of these words, as well as any other abstract nouns you can think of, relate meaning to you. Write a story, an essay, or even just a paragraph that takes out the sense of abstraction and makes the words more real, more defined, and more creatively stimulating.

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