Which adult writing contest will inspire you?

This page is here to offer you a glimpse into the various adult writing contest opportunities that exist for people like you who may not yet be quite ready to publish, but want some recognition - or some affirmation, if you will - of your writing ability.

Here are some adult writing contests that may strike your fancy. If there is a deadline, it will be listed below, and you can check out the websites for more information on how to enter.

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The "Your Story Competition" is a great way to earn quick and easy publication in Writer's Digest! Every other month, Writer's Digest presents a creative writing challenge. They provide a short, open-ended writing prompt, and writers who choose to enter must submit a short story based on the give prompt. Winners receive publication in an upcoming issue of the magazine. Winners are chosen based on inventiveness, creativity, and humor, as appropriate. One entry is allowed per person. Writer's Digest retains first-time rights to run the winner (and finalists) in the magazine and/or their website, after which all rights are returned to the author of the work. Magazine readers vote on their favorites of the top five entries chosen by editors. For more rules and information, please visit the page about "Your Story Competition" on the Writer's Digest website. This may be just the adult writing contest you need to engage you with more creative thinking.

A neat writing contest can be found in Smith magazine. AARP magazine also offers it, based on Smith's prompt. It deals with the idea of really short stories in the form of six-word memoirs. Check out Smith's website to get a better feel for the contest and see how you can enter!

Any writing publication that you can subscribe to that will offer you tips and tricks on how to polish your writing craft are indispensable tools that you will never want to relinquish once you have them. Check out the website for Writer's Digest and see how their magazine may contain some articles that will be of interest to you, and possibly some contests as well.

Adult Writing Contest

You may also want to check out the ACW Club for more writing contest opportunities.

Adult contests such as the ones above may sound intimidating to enter, since you're putting your work up against published authors, or at least authors who may have more experience than you do. Think about it, though. What if you win? Or your work makes it into the top few spots of one of the writing categories? How good will you feel? An even better question is how you will ever know how good you are without aiming for your own success. No American Idol would have made it without putting his or her reputation on the line and shooting for the moon. Every published author has had at least one rejection in their lifetime. And even if your story, poem, or magazine article is a one-hit-wonder, won't you be happy that you at least tried to garner some of the success that you deserve?

Remember that you are here visiting this site for a reason. You are stuck in writer's block, want suggestions for how to supplement your already inspired writing, or just want to see what more is out there for you to write about. Originality is lacking, and you are here for help. So, heed this advice: Try, try, and try again. Don't give up on your dreams. Keep going until you don't think you can do it anymore, and then continue past that point. You will soon realize that with this persistence, results will come. People will admire you, and your writing will flourish as a result of all of your hard work, effort, and determination.

So, enter these adult writing contests. We'd love to hear how you blew them all away with your next great American novel.

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