Creative writing contests for teens are just what you're looking for.

That's why you chose to come to this page. You want to learn more, find more, and write more. You want to win. Creative writing contests for teens are there to help you do just that.

There are opportunities for all types of teenagers. Whether you like to keep to yourself or you are the epitome of outgoing, whether you are a guy or a girl, and whether or not you have ever had something fascinating happen to you or just dreamed about it happening, you are capable of writing and winning these contests. You just have to have faith, determination, and the right writing tools to get you there.

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The "Your Story Competition" is a great way to earn quick and easy publication in Writer's Digest! Every other month, Writer's Digest presents a creative writing challenge. They provide a short, open-ended writing prompt, and writers who choose to enter must submit a short story based on the give prompt. Winners receive publication in an upcoming issue of the magazine. Winners are chosen based on inventiveness, creativity, and humor, as appropriate. One entry is allowed per person. Writer's Digest retains first-time rights to run the winner (and finalists) in the magazine and/or their website, after which all rights are returned to the author of the work. Magazine readers vote on their favorites of the top five entries chosen by editors. For more rules and information, please visit the page about "Your Story Competition" on the Writer's Digest website.

Teen Ink is a teen magazine that highlights writing by teens just like you. They want to find teens who love writing, enjoy a wide variety of topics, and want to see their work published.

Have you ever wanted to write the captions that you see in magazines? You may not think they portray the scene in the picture adequately, and you could have said it so much better. Teen Ink has a contest that allows you to do just that for their magazine. Write their captions. Check out the inspirational cartoons page to see how other captions have been written, and how they are made humorous, witty, and supremely interesting with just a few choice words.

You can even write book reviews for them, or poetry, or fiction, or even nonfiction. They want to showcase you, the teen writer, and they are giving teens every opportunity possible to express their talent and show off their work.

You are not only their base of readers, but you, as teenagers, are what keeps them a magazine. Without you, they wouldn't have articles, poems, stories, captions, or other fascinating types of writing. You are the writers for their magazine. It is of you, by you, and for you (sound familiar?).

Check out their contests or freebie pages and see what more they can offer you to help you get your writing off the ground. It's a great place to get a start in a nationally syndicated magazine. Imagine where you can go from there. Plus, be sure to look into past contest winners on their page. Read what they wrote. Divine inspiration may come to you to write about something you never even considered. And remember -- you're not stealing ideas by doing this! You are putting your own unique twist on something or garnering something completely different from someone else's writing that you wouldn't necessarily have seen or thought of on your own. Think of it as collecting ideas and supplying yourself with much-needed imagination to break your writer's block.

Creative Writing Contests for Teens

Fastweb provides hundreds of scholarships and contests that range from writing to photography to other creative venues. Maybe you'll find one that will make you realize the perfect caption for a picture you haven't taken. You can then go and find that picture and not only enter on Fastweb, but on Teen Ink. The more you enter, the more chances you have to win! So enter, enter, and enter some more. You may find that you actually win one once in a while!

There may be those of you who want to break more into the adult world of writing even if you're still a teen. If this just so happens to be you, make sure to visit the Young Writers' Society website. It is chock full of even more writing opportunities to delight and engage young writers. Yet, you don't have to be 13-19 to enter it. Teens aren't the only ones who get to share in this. It allows people all the way up to 25-years-old to enter and win. So, if you're looking for more of a challenge against people who may be a bit older than you, enter some of the contests on this page. Imagine how you'll feel if you win out against one of the 25-year-olds, and you're only 14!

This Young Writers' Society page also provides visitors with forums that allow people to share their writing, comment on others' writing, and share tips and ideas that people have come up with to help them through their own writer's block.

So, click on some of the links on this page and get started in your quest to find the writing contest that works best for you. Chances are that you'll find one that truly strikes your fancy, and you can lead off with a great idea that will turn into an even more fabulous piece of writing.

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