Why use creative writing examples?

As a writer, it's easy to say that you should use creative writing examples simply because they exist for the purpose of helping you, the budding writer. After all, they are of extreme importance. Creative Writing Examples Almost every career you already have or will potentially have in the future is something that you are able to do because you studied those who came before you.

This is exactly the purpose that creative writing examples serve. They allow you to study those who wrote poetry, short stories, myths, haiku, parodies, satire, essays, and other types of writing before you. They also allow you to begin to understand just what creative writing means to you.

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Any original writing you do is wonderful. Great even. Just don't discount the writing possibilities that can occur within you if you only read some creative writing examples.

There are so many different types that you can research, read, and peruse at your leisure in order to find the style that you most enjoy reading.

Once you've found this, chances are that you'll find that since you most enjoy reading it, writing it should be a piece of cake. Fun even.

Or you may find that you really enjoy reading examples of short stories, but limericks are what really gets your mind thinking and contemplating the next line that you'll write.

Why not see what there really is out there? Read through any or all of these creative writing examples for different forms of writing, and find what you enjoy reading best and writing best. One form may spark your creativity to write in another form, but whatever it is that you choose to write, have fun!

Creative Writing Examples of Poetry

There are limerick examples that are not only fun to read, but quick and easy. Usually humorous, they are always five lines that follow a rhyming format that is simple to learn.

Here's an example of a limerick I once wrote:

There once was a man named Peter
Who always rode a two-seater
He was so overjoyed
Yet his wife was annoyed
Since she wanted her own ten-speeder.

Now I'm not saying this is the best limerick ever. I'm sure it isn't close to it. All I'm trying to do is show you that with a little bit of effort (and a rhyming dictionary!) you can accomplish your own limerick examples.

What about haiku examples? Most people who know haiku know that the lines consist of syllables. 5-7-5 to be exact. Many are about the seasons, but they really can be about whatever you'd like.

They're really quite fun to think up, even if it takes you a while to perfect the syllabic format. Here's an example:

Natural beauty
It lies with the beholder
Everyone has it.

You'll notice that many of the haiku examples do not follow a rhyming format. They do not have to rhyme, and more often than not, they don't. Follow your own rhythm to write your own creative writing examples of poetry.

Essay Writing Examples

Learning how to write various types of essays can come in handy in academic arenas, as well as in creative writing circles. You see, a thesis is the main idea of a paper, and more often than not, even a creative piece of writing will be formulated from some main idea. Check out a persuasive essay example or a sample definition essay to get you started on the road to writing enjoyable, well-constructed essays.

Creative Writing Satire Examples

Irony and sarcasm, as well as double entendres, are defining features of satire.

Satire examples prove that it is required that the author of a satirical piece be witty, and potentially funny, even though humor does not make satire what it is. When a writer strongly disagrees with something and makes that prominent in his or her writing, satire is what is created.

Examples of parody can be regarded in this same vein. In 1958, Dan Greenberg wrote a parody for Esquire. It is called Catch Her in the Oatmeal and is a parody of -- yep, you guessed it -- The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. It uses humor and satire to mimic the work of another author.

I've used parody writing in my teaching, and I have found that students really love this aspect of creative writing. Showing them creative writing examples such as Catch Her in the Oatmeal no doubt help them see why these are fun to write.

Remember this, though. As a disclaimer I must warn you that if you don't know or haven't read the actual work that is being satirized or parodied, you will not gain as much from the reading.

So, read, read, read. Read the creative writing examples that work for you. Write your own. Read some more. Re-read your own work. Go back and forth and you'll soon find that the process is so easy to master, you'll be in a writing frenzy before you know it!

Creative Writing Examples of Short Stories

Examples of short stories and triple decker writing prompts are just some of the creative writing examples that are both popular and fun to write.

Not only do famous writers such as Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway, and Washington Irving have their fair share of short stories that they've written, many of you may find that short stories are just the right fit for you.

You don't have to write too much to be in the short story category. Think of it like a sitcom. Everything in an episode of Seinfeld, let's say, has to be jam-packed into 22 minutes. Despite this show being about nothing, every episode is its own unique entity, and everything that happened in it is resolved or everything is understood within the confines of that 22 minutes. Fascinating, huh?

Make your short story like this. Outline your plot, create your characters, and leave yourself adequate time to introduce them and detail their trials and tribulations without creating a novella or a novel.

Or better yet, keep writing until you do have a novella or a novel. Just don't keep repeating yourself. Make sure you have new material to offer to your readers, or they may stop reading.

Novellas, such as Passing by Nella Larsen, are longer than short stories, but shorter than novels, hence the name "novellas". Take the time to seek out more examples of novellas that will help you find the balance between these two types of writing.

Also, when working on longer pieces of writing than short stories, novellas, or the like, weigh your writing options carefully and see what type of writing is best for you to do and how you can make your writing unique by putting your own spin on it.

Myth Examples for Creative Writing

Years ago, I taught a unit on mythology. The students were fascinated with the subject, which made my teaching all that much easier and fun.

The concluding project for this unit was a creative assignment that allowed them to write their very own myths.

Since I felt they should have an example other than the ones that have been passed down from generation to generation in their textbooks, I crafted my own.

You can find it here.

If you aren't familiar with mythology, check out a book of mythological stories. Familiarize yourself with Zeus, Athena, Pandora, and all the characters that make mythology so interesting to read and learn.

Find which creative writing examples work best for you. Share your writing with others. Maybe you'll discover new words, phrases, or quotes that inspire you.

I hope you find what you're looking for. Until you do, I hope you'll keep searching for what feels just right for your style.

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