Have you tried any
creative writing games?

It's funny how there are so many games out there to be found, but when you're in that writer's block mode, you just can't seem to find or think of any of them. Writing games are fun and easy. They immerse you fingers first into writing or typing your ideas away.

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You may have already tried out some of our Writer's Block Help creative writing suggestions. There are triple decker writing prompts that are, in essence, games, as they require you to use only certain items to build a story. The patience and innovative nature that people possess to come up with these stories proves that they are in it to win it -- or write it, as this example calls for.

One game to try out is to practice learning how to write a family through character mapping. Other games may ask you to revert to your childhood, or if you are still a child, embrace adolescence or adulthood. Other games may ask you to supply conclusions to stories, or write scripts, plays, and other genres of writing using idioms, cliches, and the like.

"What if" questions are fun to play around with as well. They help you learn how to write answers to questions that boggle the mind and make you consider possibilities that may never have happened or may still never happen.

Learning about and using palindromes in your writing can be extremely helpful and enlightening. Snowball writing is another great way to pile on the ideas. Or writing about your writer's block. There are so many ways to get past writer's block by doing this.

You might even like to try whittling words down to all the words within words that are contained in them. You can then write a story using all of those (for example, in the word "flower" are the words "flow," "low," and "owe," to name a few). Writing a story using all of these words can become very interesting, if you strive to make it that way.

Try your hand at rebus writing. Learning to write through the use of pictures can be stimulating.

Oxymorons are also fun to play around with and consider in your writing. There is acrostic writing, good writing topics such as recipe writing, and even math writing to get you going. Plus, if you can't stand baking or doing mathematical story problems, you don't even have to. It's all about the writing.

If you need to get your writing fix for the day, check out our suggestion to use suffixes and prefixes. It will definitely help you get your writing fix, both figuratively and literally!

Writer's Block Help creative writing games think outside the box. In turn, they allow you to learn to think outside the box on your own, as you begin to write interesting, imaginative tales that will have you getting past your funk and jumping back into the thick of the excitement that you know writing has to offer you.

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