Who knew there were so many other words for said?

Well, you seem to know, since you're here looking for other words for said to help with your writing. Through the barrage of "he said, she said" phrases that you're likely to see and hear as you read and listen, you're sure to pick up some handy hints to help you with writing conversations of your very own.

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As an introductory note, you should know that using any of these words is not a requirement for any type of writing you may do. Some of the best writing uses none of these words at all, and moves back and forth through dialogue, keeping you on your toes to know just who is speaking at each and every moment. Some people like this type of writing. Others, however, may not mind this once in a while, but they tend to get confused or frustrated when they have to keep referring back to who spoke last in order to know who is speaking at any given point in a written piece of work.

Therefore, this list of other words for said has been compiled to help you, as a writing aficionado, to embark upon a journey to using words that will enlighten and invigorate your writing to the point where you won't be stuck in the dilemma of what word to use next. This handy thesaurus of sorts will give you synonyms for said, and possibly even hint at other word synonyms that you will find useful in your writing.

By all means, remember, if you don't care to use a variety of other words for said, don't. You're the writer, after all. It's your choice, your prerogative, your creative style we're talking about here. Sometimes you might see fit to use none of these words at all, and sometimes you just may not wish to fall back on anything else other than your handy-dandy buddy, known as none other than "said." Other words for said aren't always necessary. You must pick and choose when they are, and use them appropriately and skillfully to craft your work into the great writing it is sure to turn out to be.

Have fun browsing through our list, and check back whenever the right word for said seems just beyond your grasp.

Other Words for Said

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