Personification examples can breathe creative life
into your writing.

You may be adept at writing and describing the most vivid characters, but how do you use personification examples to your advantage when writing about inanimate objects or abstract ideas? They can definitely come in handy at such times.

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The definition of personification -- "the representation of a thing or idea as a person or by the human form" -- is helpful in understanding exactly what capabilities personification has. All personification examples use certain wording to make their points clear. However, personification words are not unique to what is being personified. They can be used in everyday talk to describe everyday things that range from the literal to the figurative.

Personification requires writers to break out of their comfort zones. It provides them with the ability to adapt the situation to whatever surroundings so happen to be present within the writing. Humans no longer have to be the only ones to provide the action and dialogue. Diamonds can speak to women, telling of how wonderful they would look on the fingers of those women. Wind can whistle. Furniture can pick up dust. See this fun writing activity for more ideas on how to write from the perspectives of items such as these.

Notice how in the prior examples, diamonds are described as speaking, while wind is whistling and furniture is picking something up. Just as diamonds cannot speak, wind can make a whistling sound, but cannot really bring its lips together to make that sound. Using onomatopoeia to describe ideas such as these can prove fruitful for your writing. Also, furniture does not have hands or feet, and therefore does not have the ability to pick things up.

Use these personification examples and others that can be found by reading through more personification words. See what you can come up with on your own. Finding ways to use personification in your sentences, and moreover, your writing style, will make for a more inventive, imaginative, successful dynamic as you write.

You are sure to have more of an idea how to personify your own words in your own writing once you begin testing out various scenarios. See which inanimate objects you can have perform human-like tendencies and what others can be afforded human-like qualities. You might just be surprised at the creativity your writing samples deliver!

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